Funny as Uganda goes into a social media war with Malawi.

As no one can spend a day without checking the trends, what artists have posted, news and all that, in Uganda social media is ranked as number one source of happiness to Ugandans as some post jokes and others business etc and here is another battle between Uganda and Malawi.

Currently there is an on going social media war between Uganda and Malawi and the keyboard warriors from each side tries to defend there countries through posting the most funniest thing in another country as they compare it with theirs.

Our team at Fremer media has collected some of the most funny post about this trend on twitter about Uganda Vs Malawi.

This is not the first social media war, Ugandans has wagged these keyboard wars on different countries, they started with Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and now its Malawi.

These wars are most especially start from twitter and they letter spread all over social media and hence it becomes a trend.

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Look into these funny photos of Malawi vs UG #MWIUGA , Watch here

Malawi Malawi Malawi malawi

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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