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Gen Elly Tumwine:A Legend in the NRA bush war

In 1981 Gen Elly Tumwine alongside the late Col. Chefe Ali composed most of the liberation songs which earned him a lot of prominence and with such a talent in music he was tied entirely to the NRA dispensation.

Those who fought alongside him recall him as the first man who fired the first bullet that brought the popular Resistance Army during its February 1981 assault on the kabamba infantry training school.

Nevertheless this act of braveness become part of the NRA ‘s myth making and gave him a prominent place in it. He was later appointed as the commander of the NRA in 1984 a post he severed till 1987.

In 1994 he was later appointed as a director general of the external security organization an office he held though a few remember him for.

Later on the late Gen Elly Tumwine was appointed as the security minister a post he tried to live imaginatively as many people recall him as a general who was patriot and simplistic man in his thoughts and convictions.

What is behind the hate speech and anger amongst the public?

Basically the kind of character that you have seen not only to the late General but to several NRA bush war lords is the factor of arrogance and impunity they are exercising through out the masses.

Despite the fact that the late had short comings as a person we as Uganda’s need states men who can sit back, climb down on this mountain of arrogance otherwise it could spill more harm than good as a country.

A wiseman once said …“ history will repeat itself but it’s only the fools who don’t learn from it .”

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