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Government Proposal Of New National Identity Card Fee

The Ugandan government is seeking to introduce express fees for unregistered citizens  who want to acquire national identity cards and those renewing-old ones in the imminent mass enrollment of unregistered citizens.

However this exercise is estimated to cost Shs 600 billion of which it will open open widows for both express first time and renewal. These ID’s will be  processed in two days at a cost of shs50,000 though it hasn’t been approved by parliament.

According to internal affairs minister Gen Kahida Otafire those who can’t afford the fee will have to get the ID’s at no cost

The government is seeking to hike fees for replacement as well as change of ID particulars from 50000 shillings to 200,000 shillings.

The current ID’s issued in 2014 with a life span of 10 years are due to expire  with the enrollment exercise for new ID’s scheduled to ran from June 2023 to August 2024

According to Mukono North member of parliament hon Abdullah Kiwanuka he has tasked government to consider producing ID’s that don’t expire which was criticized by internal affairs minister Gen Otafire citing that the global technological advancement to which the country must adopt have necessitated  the phasing out of the ID’s.

This enrollment will be done at the parish level across all the 10594 parishes.

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