Harry Kazibwe given 14 days to delete her song Tubukebere or face the court.

The Kanoga hit maker Harry Kazibwe is in panic as men insist on dragging her in court over her recently released song called Tubukebere.

As she set to release the video of her latest song “Tubukebere’, a group of men stormed the offices of Uganda Musician Association saying that they want the association to put a ban on Harry Kazibwe’s song titled Tubukebere.

“We received a complaint from a group of certain men claiming that Harry Kazibwe’s song promotes domestic violence and we looked at into the matter and we have given her 14 days to remove the song from every media company, failure to do so we shall meet her in the Court” Lubega Brian a lawyer at Lubega company advocates said while talking to our reporter.

Tubukebere as a song emphasises the ladies to always check their husbands’ phones and this is where the fire has sparked off as many men have come out and say that this song should be banned from playing all-over radios and tvs because it can result into breaking most of the people’s relationships.

Even though the message in this song has been criticised by many, Harry Kazibwe insists that she has to release it’s video and she says that her management is ready to promote the song over the media.

Harry Kazibwe is a band and Zouk artist who made her breakthrough in April of this year with her jam titled Kyanoga, she is currently signed under Dennie Management.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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