Harry Kazibwe silence critics as she did this.

Harry Kazibwe Uganda’s female artist who is well known for her single “Kyanoga” which became one of the most trending songs from uprising artist during the lockdown time, she has yet again silenced her critics after setting to drop her “Tubukebere” video.

This comes after the rumors which went viral few months back as a group of men wanted to drag her to court over the “Tubukebere” song as they claimed that the song was greatly inciting violence and so that it should be banned from playing on any media platform.

This put her in shock and decided to reduce on the speed at which she was doing her music not until this year when she has decided to shoot her music video of this very song.

The 22 years old artist said that she is ready to prove her enemies wrong and they should be ready for what she has been cooking in the previous month.

Harry Kazibwe is currently under Dennie management which groomed her talent from scratch to a presentable artist in Uganda.

“What hurts me most is that my song is every where but me as the artist am not recognize that’s why its even credited to another artist yet its my song” – Harry talking about her song kyanoga.

Harry Kazibwe
Harry Kazibwe will in a video shooting of her new song

    Harry Kazibwe given 14 days to delete her song Tubukebere or face the court.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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