Here are the 5 reasons to why Bobi Wine ‘s protest call flopped.

Its now 16 days since the former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine called Ugandans to come out and demonstrate peacefully against the 35 years regime of president Museveni.

Even though Uganda comprises of over 46 millions of people, not even a quarter of it turned up to this call. Fremer media team has compiled some of the reasons to why the protest call flopped and here they are.


The mobilizations for this peaceful demonstration was poor, the regional coordinators which were appointed in 2019 did not do their work to mobilize the people in their area.

2. Abduction

The abduction of people mostly those from the NUP camp made it a success for the regime to achieve their goal, as the president was quoted few months Back, that Bobi Wine will reach a time when even if he pass in Kampala no one will follow him, yes this happened, do you remember of 15th March of this year when Bobi Wine together with several National Unity Platform member of parliament went to protest in the city and the turn up was very low.

Bobi Wine
Bobi wine with other NUP leaders while protesting in the city

3. State response

This should be driven down to military and police, even though the peaceful protests is constitutional, the state promised to kill whoever tries to get out of his or her home to the street and protest, this brought fear in the hearts of Ugandans and as a saying “Ensi egulwa mirambo” they decided to abandon it.

4. Divisionism

Yes the divide and rule still work until today, Ugandans are very divided along ethnics, class, level of education etc, it is not easy to join two different people with different ideas and so each fail to motivate others.

5. Kyagulanyi being the face of the protest.

This was a very bad idea, every one knows that he has the desire to become president, whatever he does, whatever strategy he lay down on to the grounds only helps him to get the top sit, and so being that every Ugandan is looking for the way to survive, they left him to do his job as well because they think its his personal gain. If it was someone who had no intention of becoming the president it would be very easy, take a look in what happened in the people power revolution of Philippines. or the yellow revolution it compromised of different groupings, the political parties, the religious leaders, militant groups, military defectors etc.

Bobi Wine
Hundreds of thousands of people filling up Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), facing northbound towards the Boni Serrano Avenue-EDSA intersection.
(February 1986) – wikipedia

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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