Here is why Ugandans want to put Bobi Wine’s life at risk.

A musician turned political Bobi Wine might fall in trap if He try to command Ugandans to go on streets and start a strike!.

Ugandans who have desire for change might in one way want to put Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine’s life at risk if they continue to wait for his command to protest the current government of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

It’s funny but true that Bobi Wine’s hope is in the people of Uganda and to make matters worse the people of Uganda who wants change are not ready for change as they also put their hope in Bobi Wine to change the status quo.

A revolution is not something which you one day wake up and plan as an individual, but it can only come in existance if people come together to fight the injustice and also their freedom.

Bobi Wine could be good and has people who are ready to listen to his command but he can not wake up one day and tell the people of Uganda to go on strike eventheven it’s provided in the Uganda’s constitution because the government will use that opportunity to imprison for the whole of his life because of leading and commanding a strike.

Why Ugandans are not ready for change

Dating back in 1980 when Museveni and the crew went to the bush to fight the dictatorship regime of Obote, they were never backed up by the Ugandans and most of them abandoned them not until the Buganda King intervene and called the Baganda to fight with Museveni to restore their kingdom.


Hadn’t they have the reason to fight, Museveni would have spend his life time in the bush fighting.

Basing on the current situation, Ugandans believe that it’s only Bobi Wine to rescue them even though they have been signalled by their traditional leaders that what Bobi Wine is fighting for is right.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine in Luwero NRM Mecca

Museveni knew how to deal with his people, he knows what they are capable of doing and so this gives him more grounds to keep on governing them in a way he wants because they are just good at “Barking but not bitting’.

To make matters worse, when the US Navy Nuclear Warship

Which last week came to the Mombasa port reached East Africa, their hope increased thinking that the USA had come to end the Museveni’s rule but they will be surprised one day when the ship will be returning to where it came from without doing anything to Museveni’s regime.

Bobi Wine

Some political analysts believes that it’s going to take more than 10 years if the status qou doesn’t change for Ugandans to start fighting for their freedom but not now, and not even wait for Bobi Wine to command them.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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