How Museveni outsmarted Uganda’s presidents who came before him.

Till today Ugandans are still scratching their heads on how president Museveni has been able to rule for over 35 years since he took power in 1986. It seems like Museveni took so much time in revising the way former presidents of Uganda were removed from the top sit and so he strategies and blocked all possible ways in which anyone could use to oust him.

From our research, we have brought to you some of the tactics which Museveni used that till today makes it easy for him to keep ruling not until he will retire by his own.

Radios and Tv

Its on record that to overthrow the former president of Uganda Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, the former chief commander Idi Amin took over power after becoming aware that Obote was planning to arrest over misappropriating of the army funds and so he launched a military coup and in the year 1971 Amin declared himself that he is the new president of Uganda and he made a call to Obote who was by then out of the country on an official duty.

Idi Amin on left and Dr. Milton Obote Obote on right

Using one radio and Tv was very easy to spread the information to all the people since it was only one radio station and so the people had to listen to. When Museveni took over power, he gave out license to whoever was able to build his or her own radio station and most of the government generals built these radio stations and tv across the whole country and so this only divided the people.

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The political shows or shows which have an impact on Uganda’s development are given little time and so most of these state owned radio stations and Tv which as well has a wider coverage only focus on broadcasting entertainment shows and this keeps most of the people to become more disconnected on what is going on in the country.



Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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