How Museveni’s tactics can lead Bobi Wine to state house.

Bobi Wine who looked as an amateur in the country’s politics before has now proved so many people wrong hence becoming the strongest competitor to the Museveni’s regime.

It seems like Bobi Wine took so much time and made a lot homework on how to oust Museveni’s rule through using Museveni’s own tactics. When you look on how Bobi has played with his cards it shows how genius he is and if you ask how he has done it, just blow your minds back to 1995 when the parliament of the republic of Uganda decided to establish the Uganda constitution.

This was after Museveni’s promise to establish a civilian government basing on the law after 10 years of military rule when he took power in 1986.

President Museveni while swearing in at The parliament in 1986 after the war

For so many times this constitution has been amended, its on record that it was first amended in 2005 when the parliament removed the two term limits giving Museveni a go ahead to stand for the presidency as many times as he wants.

According to the constitution, Museveni was not able to come for the presidency as of this year but just recently n 2017, the Uganda Parliament again amended article 102(b) of the Uganda constitution to remove age limits and this is where all what is happening today began from.

Kyagulanyi era started when he slogan the article 1 of the Uganda constitution which gives right to all Ugandans to own their power, it states “All power belongs to the people who shall exercise their sovereignty in accordance with this constitution” an this is where Mr. Wine started from introducing the slogan of “People Power Our power” and this was after the move to amend the Uganda constitution was brought into parliament.

Even though Bobi wine did not succeed from protecting the constitution to be amended but he gained a lot from it. This helped him to become the strong opponent of Museveni and because he had calculated every move he took, he decided to hire an expert in constitutional law and this was David Lewis Rubongoya who was a teacher of constitutional law at International University of East Africa and he was Bobi Wine’s teacher

Bobi Wine (left), Lewis Rubongoya (right) sometimes back at NUP head offices

The strategy they decided to use which the regime undermined was “the camera” Bobi Wine believed in the power of the camera because he can use it as a tool to expose the other side of Museveni’s rule.

Even though the regime tried to provoke Mr. Wine into violence, he decided to do whatever he did within the law and this was when he became an international icon, he has used this popularity which he got world-wide to expose the state which has resulted into a decrease in the funding from the foreign countries.


  1. Police

Bobi Wine has exposed the police basing on the constitution, he has used the recorded footage which shows the men in uniform on so many occasions when violating the people’s rights, beating people, illegal arrests, murdering, and abductions of civilians.

2. Judiciary

In most cases Bobi Wine uses the courts of law since he follows the constitution, but as he wanted to expose the judiciary he tricked the supreme court and the state as he had taken his election petition to them and the state fronted 9 judges for the matter and of which Bobi Wine just wanted this to happen and as soon as they were fronted, he decided to withdraw from the court after themselves immediately exposing their bias.

3. Electro commission

Until now, the EC is still struggling with the results from the recently concluded elections, first and foremost, they exposed themselves as if they are not in charge of the election as they decided to become silent about the goings on which happened during the election period.

4. The legislature.

On different occasion he has referred parliament as a house where the government deals are finished from and he has no trust in them. He yesterday made an appearance to the parliament and told the house to stand with the people of Uganda basing on the goings on or be remembered as traitors.

Bobi Wine is not the kind of a person who miscalculate, he called up Ugandans to come out and protest knowing that a few will turn up to the call but he just wanted to show to the entire world that the government doesn’t follow the constitution and this is where he introduced in another article of the constitution “This constitution shall not lose its force and effect even where its observance is interrupted by a government established by the force of arms; and in any case, as soon as the people recover their liberty, its observance shall be reestablished and all persons who have taken part in any rebellion or other activity which resulted in the interruption of the observance shall be tried in accordance with this constitution and other laws consistent with it”.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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