Huge blow to Betty Nambooze Bakireke as her lawyer dies

What a bad night that has claimed my lawyer,the probonal lawyer for my people…..what a bad night that has eaten the people’s lawyer Archiles David Tebusekwe- Mayinja….

Why our generation Lord….HIV killed many of us in our youthful years….1986 yes…when the World was invaded by Aids…. We soldiered on in pain as we buried one by one of us and bearing the pain and responsibility,until yesterday when atleast we found hope. Then we beared a bad regime,a regime that has consumed our youthful strength…

….. Brother have always been ready for deployment to look for and stand in defence of the oppressed. Then bad guys set in with acid to destroy you,what a bad hearted people we have lived with…the land grabbers almost killed you and your dear wife….you survived the attack and rose up again…

Miraculously unmoved back to court to pursue justice for us all…..Your last service to me was the chasing out a Deed poll for me so that I could re-arrange my name’s for nomination in a record 24 and the gazette was in my hands…Achilles David Tebusekwe Mayinja…I’m already missing you. Rest my brother,you have fought a good fight….I’m truly broken,diverstated to say the least….

Leaders are not supposed to break down at this crucial hour YES leaders we are but we are also human….Today,I. want peace…peace to cry ,mourn for my brother and cry hearty to God my Lord….to seek the intercestion of Mother Mary and petition the Lord to hear our cries and save the World….ooooh Lord hear us.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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