Huge blow to Bobi Wine as Government makes this move!.

Its not over for Bobi Wine as the judiciary has started to play hide and seek games with him on the issue of the 2021 election petition of which he had filed against the current president of Uganda claiming that the elections were not free and fair.

Former presidential candidate Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine through his layers filed the petition on 1st of February but just after 21 days he addressed the media at the National Unity Platform head offices in Kamokya saying that he has decided to withdraw the petition clamming that the 3 of the judges including the chief Justice Owiny Dollo were in someway connected to the president hence saying they are biased.

Bobi wine
Bobi wine while addressing the media on monday

“We brought in the affidavits but the supreme court refused to accept them, we had over 250 of them but they were all rejected, we even tried to amend in our petition but all in vain, and we have decided to withdraw from their court and take the matter to the people’s court, the people of Uganda have the final say.” Bobi Wine said while addressing the media on Monday.

And so today, Bobi Wine lawyers went back to the supreme court to withdraw the petition but the Chief Justice Aliphonse Owiny Dollo has deferred the application of Bobi Wine to withdraw his presidential petition citing a number of steps that were skipped by the applicant’s lawyers.

Bobi Wine
The supreme court

Among others, he noted that the application must first be posted on the court’s notice board and published in the Uganda Gazette, which had not yet been done y the time the matter turned up for hearing.

“Once the gazette is out and we have fully gone through the whole process, we shall be notifying you in the shortest time possible to appear here again”. Chief Justice Owiny Dollo said as he adjourned the matter.

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