Hushpuppi not released, Lawyer claims.

Lawyer to alleged Internet fraudster and Instagram socialite, Hushpuppi, Gal Pissetzky has revealed that his client is yet to be released.




Pissetzky revealed in a statement that the embattled socialite was only transferred to another prison but not released as widely speculated. The lawyer also confirmed that he is still representing Hushpuppi.




Hushpuppi’s lawyer’s disclosure comes after some hours after reports made the rounds on Wednesday night that the socialite had been released as his details on the Bureau of Prisons showed he was no longer in the prison.


“He is on his way to California, United States of America, for trial. …” Pissetzky told PUNCH on Wednesday night.


“He has not been released and I am still his lawyer. He is on his way to California.


“Not everything you see on court documents is accurate.”


“Just because the jail record says ‘released’ does not mean he has been released. He is being transferred to California,”

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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