I am stronger in defeat than I thought, Odonga Otto

Aruu South Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Samuel Odonga Otto has disclosed that despite being defeated in the elections, he is stronger and gladly take unfolding life challenges.

“Recently I lost an election, but I love the way the human mind incredibly adjust. I am stronger in defeat than I thought I was and gladly take on unfolding life challenges. After 20 years on a fast lane let me take the slow lane. Time to be led. – Odonga Otto

After elections, Mr Otto fell sick while in police custody where he was detained over an incident where he allegedly escaped from police custody.

Odonga Otto
Odonga Otto

He was arrested for disobeying the Covid-19 health guidelines and going against the

Standard Operating Procedures that were announced by the Electoral Commission to guide candidates during the 2021 general elections campaign period.

Mr Otto was rushed to hospital where he is received treated for suspected poisoning.

Odonga Otto
Odonga Otto

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