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I have returned to the frontline – Kitatta proclaims

Former bodaboda 2010 patron Abdullah KItatta is back in limelight to ensure that the young people in this generation be supported to archive their dreams more especially by being job creators.

Ever since his release from prison this was his first public appearance while addressing a group of youths in Rubaga division who had engaged themselves in a number of different activities aimed at fighting poverty among the youths.

He later on cited out that the president had invested a lot of money to help in fighting poverty but because he gives the money to people who aren’t well organized and to those without clear plans on how to use their money, sometimes money is stolen or isn’t properly utilized.

Kitatta lashed out saying he is back to transverse the country so as to mobilize the young people and sensitize them on different government programs such as the parish development model which are meant to to fight poverty among the Ugandans.

He further said it was high time for the young people to be guided and shown the right way on how to do things especially activities that can help them to fight poverty in their households.

Kitatta later on lashed out at some leaders who have been swindling money meant to help the young

Its noted that way back in 2020, Kitatta and his close bodyguard Sowedi Ngobi were released from prison after the army court of appeal reduced the duo’s sentence from 10 to 3 years over illegal possession of fire arms and military hardware.

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