I need advise, my friend is blaming me for sending her a customer who broke her heart!

Love these days is kinda interesting, people follow for each other no matter how they met, this was a story which was sent as a man needs advise, he sent his close friend a customer and they ended up in a relationship and now the friend is blaming him for sending her a customer who later broke her heart.


“Good evening senga, you can hide my Identity
Munange, I have this friend of mine Joan. Joan is a student at MUK but she has a friend who sales electronics, so Joan used to post these electronics on her status some times.

So like 2 months back Sam a friend of mine called me and wanted an original charger, I told him I had a friend who sold electronics and I would ask her.

I called Joan asked if she still sales them and she said yes, I told her someone wanted a charger so I sent Joan Sam’s number and told her to talk with him. I don’t know what happened next if they even talked or nothing, but today Joan called me and she was crying…
Joan was blaming me for giving her a man who broke her heart 😢
I didn’t tell these two to vibe each other coz all I thought they were making business .

what should I do now”

Ebiffo 5 byolina okwetanira omukazi akuteeke mu basajja enjasabiggu.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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