Irene Kayemba parades multi billions mansion.

Bobi Wine’s Sister Irene Kayemba Parades Off Her Multi-Million House (PHOTOS) Chozendroda

Afte staging a poweful online concert, singer Irene Kayemba, a sister to Bobi Wine, Mickie Wine, Banjo Man and Eddy Yawe has now also paraded off her multi-million mansion to show her success leaving fans shocked.

Even though she is not be as famous as her singing brothers, Irene Kayemba has elevated herself to the table of men even though she has quietly and steadily gone about her business successful.

Kayemba’s source of income is not so clear but she is proudly a musician, marketer, brand ambassador of Star Laundry Soap and many more.

Irene’s a story of success And today she showed off her mega pad worth millions to her followers on social media just like her brothers, Irene has an impressive home located in Kampala.

Irene owns a marketing agency with her husband. Apart from her usual businesses, Irene is also involved in charity work often reaching out to expecting mothers at Mulago Hospital.

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