Is Barbie Kyagulanyi’s facebook page hacked? Truth is here.

It has been a while since Barbie Kyagulanyi the wife to the president of the National Unity Platform who recently participated in the general elections for president, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert last communicated through her social media pages most especially on Facebook.

Barbie Facebook page
Barbie Kyagulanyi Facebook page post today

Barbie Kyagulanyi who last posted on 19th of last month has today through her Facebook page shocked her online followers after posting one of the most trending slogan which was said by the outgoing vice president Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi who once in the campaign told the people who questioned him for being quiet always and he replied “I don’t usually talk were not necessary’ translating “Nze simala gogera’.

Barbie posted this on her page and many started to ask themselves whether she is the one in control of her page since many of the people power Facebook pages have been targeted and hacked including recently when her son Solomon Kampala’s social media handle was hacked together with the official verified National Unity Platform pages.

But is it true that Barbie’s Facebook page has been hacked?

1.The point is that, Bobi Wine through his international friends helped him in securing his Facebook page together the one of his wife and this is why even if the regime tries to hack into their pages they end up failing since they were built with strong security and no one can easily hack into them.

2. After one week since Barbie left to America, many have been questioning themselves why the Kyagulanyi family would chose to flee out of the country and so Barbie being such an intelligent lady who merely reply to anyone of course like her husband would choose to communicate with the common people through the language which they understand.

3. On daily basis, after the regime hacking into the Facebook pages of the opposition, they immediately start posting staff which favors the regime and for this case after Barbie breaking the silence, they later updated her Facebook profile picture and this only confirms that she is in full control of the page.

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In other news.

Bobi Wine has come out and says that he is not ready and not willing to have a dialogue with president museMuse claiming that the struggle he is in represents Ugandans and it’s not all about personal conflicts, he said that the talk must be between Museveni and the people.

Bobi Wine has also noted that he want Museveni to bring back their victory as he says that they won him massively and have all the evidence which shows that they won him.

Kyagulanyi is to challenge Museveni in The supreme Court after filling a petition.



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