Is Hon. Mubiru James dead? Truth is here.

Like so many opposition members who have been on different occasions abducted by the military and tortured as many killed or goes missing forever, Hon. Mubiru James the newly Lc5 councilor- Elect from Rubaga and a strong member of the National Unity platform is another victim of the state abduction.

Hon. mubiru James who was abducted by the military on 11th of March this year his where about is upto now not clear although information leaked that as the military surrounded his car near Kasubi petrol station, they removed him from his car to there’s and later drove him to the president’ s home in Nakasero according to those who traced their movement.

Even though the search is still on, news has circulated on social media claiming that Mubiru James had died after being tortured by the military, several posts have been made by the strong people power/ NUP bloggers saying that the army had called Mubiru‘ s mother to go and pick the body of her son.

But according to the National Unity platform party spokesperson Joel Senyonyi has come out and clarifies about the ongoing non confirmed news about mubiru and through his Facebook page Joel posted

“News has been making rounds on social media about the apparent death of James Mubiru, LC5 Councillor-Elect from Rubaga. James has been missing for a couple of days, and we’re still trying to establish his whereabouts. We believe that he’s in the hands of the state and demand that he and others who are missing be produced dead or alive.

It’s not only James Mubiru who was abducted and goes missing forever, in 2019 a one Kibalama who was a strong people power supporter was abducted on Gayaza road and until now he is no where to be seen.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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