It’s not over for Museveni as Bobi Wine set to file a case in supreme Court.

National Unity Platform’s Robert Kyagulanyi has notified the Supreme Court that he will be filing a petition regarding the just concluded Presidential election.

According to Judiciary Spokesperson Solomon Muyita, Kyagulanyi will be filling the petition on Monday.

Kyagulanyi will be challenging Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s clammed victory who was announced as the president of Uganda for the sixth term by the Uganda’s independent electrol commission.

Kyagulanyi says that he has all the evidence which shows that he won Museveni in the recently concluded general elections and he believes that he is the president elect of Uganda.

This is not the first time to challenge Museveni in court after general elections, it has ever happened in 2011 and also in 2016 were Rtd. Kizza Besigye filed a case in supreme Court clamicla that he won the previous elections but till now nothing was done.

Kyagulanyi says that he doesn’t believe in courts because the judges are appointed by Museveni whom he think that they will eventually want to favor him.

“Some of our friends suggests that we go to the court and challenge Museveni with an intention of undressing the judiciary’ Bobi Wine said while addressing the newly elected councilor while at his home in Magere.

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