Joel Ssenyonyi clarifies on Bobi Wine’s newly acquired car.

Joel Ssenyonyi the newly elected Nakawa West member of parliament and as well as the spokesperson of the National Unity platform party has made clarifications on the newly acquired bulletproof of Bobi Wine while in the press conference on Thursday at the residence of Kyagulanyi in Magere.

This has come after the Uganda Revenue Authority wanting to impound Bobi Wine’s car claiming that it did not go through the all procedures in order to be licensed to be on road.

“That is not a luxury car that anyone can acquire, if you have to get it, there are security processes you have to go through including the security assessing the kind of threat a person getting it is facing. It is a privilege of a certain class of people not everyone” a source said.

According to the spokesperson of the Uganda Revenue Authority Mr. Ian Rumanyika he says that the URA is very much aware of the issue and they are still in investigations¬† in accordance with their usual practices. “Until we have concluded the investigation, we will not make any further comment” he said.

joel Ssenyonyi
Bobi Wine pausing on his bullet proofed car at his home

But, the National Unity Platform mouth-piece Joel Ssenyonyi has said that the current developments are not any different from the dram that surrounded their party’s change of leadership.

“They will panic every time they see the name Kyagulanyi. Let them do whatever they want. The car went through all the laid processes before it got to Kyagulanyi because it also went to Interpol and got cleared” – Ssenyonyi said.

Bobi Wine publicly first used this car on Monday when he was holding a press conference at the NUP party offices in Kamokya the day he told the media that he has decided to withdraw the petition against the election fraud.

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