Joel Ssenyonyi on Government linking National Unity Platform on bomb blast


According to Radio Sapentia reports The National Unity Platform party (NUP) has tasked Uganda police to expeditiously carryout a thorough investigation into the incident of the bomb blast that occurred at Komamboga in Kawempe North Constituency so that the culprits are brought to book.

This follows reports about appearance of assailants that placed an explosive material at Digida pork joint in Kyanja Komamboga on Saturday night.

The eyewitness, a waitress at the bar, claimed that the men she saw were dressed in National Unity Platform (NUP) branded outfits.

Addressing the media this Monday at Kamomwokya in Kampala, the NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said that these reports showing a man wearing the party t-shirt entering the attacked place are just diversionary and tarnishing their image.

Ssenyonyi adds that the party and the public are eagerly waiting to see police arresting and producing the perpetuators in courts of law as accountability for the lost innocent life and the injured people.

In the same briefing, the Nakawa East Member of Parliament Joel Ssenyonyi has condemned the move by the foreign investors to ban the consumption of Nile perch (Mpuuta) in Uganda instead living it for exportation, saying it’s bad and violets people’s rights to eat as well as  undermining government’s initiative Buy Uganda Build Uganda(BUBU).




Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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