Jose Chameleon Quotes Bible Verses

To be rich after testing a great deal of poverty, is something one should really be grateful for. Many people after being endowed with so much wealth, tend to forget their ugly yesterday. However, some persons still acknowledge the fact that their yesterday wasn’t palatable. Jose Chameleon has left his fans surprised with a post that shows how grateful he is to God.

Jose Chameleon

Jose Chameleon: Have hope, Faith and Belief. Today joined in prayer at Arise and shine church. Let’s all shine in his image.

Genesis 6:9-9:17

Joseph Mayanja who is popularly and musically known as Jose Chameleon, is a very talented Ugandan singer. The three talented (Chameleon, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool) singers began their music career . However they separated after a lot of misunderstanding between them. Chameleon never relented despite their separation. He is now even stronger, firmer, more talented and influential.

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