Josephine Namakumbi narrates how she survived the military.

Josephine Namakumbi a field news reporter at the Naguru based Tv station NBS has come out and narrates how she managed to survive the Uganda Police Defence Force (UPDF) attack yesterday as they were covering the Kyagulanyi’s petition over Human Rights violation in Uganda at the office of United Nations Human Rights in Kololo.

Even though it was a sad moment for her, the ‘social media keyboard warriors’ as they don’t rest, they came up with a screenshot of how Josephine Namakumbi was endorsing the “I choose peace’ slogan which was used mainly by the rulling party.

Josephine Namakumbi
Josephine Namakumbi running for her life

Through her Facebook account, Namakumbi posted ”

I choose not to respond to those who think the media deserved the brutality we faced yesterday. And to make this clear to you all, my statement of choosing peace did not mean that I will be exempted from the atrocities but rather respond peaceful to the brutality especially from the forces.

To me, Yesterday’s Military police attack was uncalled for. We were organised as journalists and peaceful awaited an address from the people we were covering after we were blocked from accessing the offices of the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Kololo.

In a blink of an eye, two military motorcades swung in, the occupants jumped off and started battering everyone around. Many of us fell down, and here, the armed officers beat us to their satisfaction.

When I fell down, I was hit at the back as I tried to pick up my shoes, the male officer threatened to kick my back if I didn’t get up there and then. I tried to get up and run again but I failed. I couldn’t run for my life anymore because my back was hurting, I fell down again.

Josephine Namakumbi
Josephine Namakumbi after being rescued

This is when collegues came to my rescue. It was breaking to see comrades bleeding as the officers continued to run after us. Well identified journalists with our press tags, cameras and branded microphones, we were trapped in a military ambush.

With no doubt, this was an open attack on the media which has been the case repeatedly. The force can maybe release videos captured by security cameras to challenge this.

We have families like you, we have jobs like you but we don’t attack anyone like you do. On this #BLACK MEDIA THURSDAY we ask you to respect us and not give us reasons to think that you are against journalists and want to finish us all. Respect our career like we respect you.”

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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