Joy in Diana Nabatanzi ‘s camp as she makes this move.

After spending over months without presenting one of the most trending lunch time shows “Kiri Kitya’ at the Bulange based Tv Station BBS terefina, Diana Nabatanzi has finally returned to present this show again.

According to the insiders, they said that the show has dropped in following and since Nabatanzi went into a leave the show has been losing viewership and hence the management decided to call her and do the show again.

In the past months, Nabatanzi has been facing tough moments including losing her voice after a long argument as she was fighting for the city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa‘s big cassava.

Many thought that since Lwasa introduced another babe it will discourage Nabatanzi from restoring to her normal days, she has proven them wrong after making a return into her show ” Kiri Kitya’ starting this Monday.

“We are back with new style, expect hot things only come next week on Monday’ Diana Nabatanzi told our reporter at Fremer Media.

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Diana Nabatanzi

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