JUST IN: A serious war has broken out between Anna Talia and Sherry Matovu

News reaching our table at Fremer Media indicates that there is a cold war which has broken out between the Naguru tv presenter Anna Talia Oze and the Ugandan artist sherry matovu.

Sherry blames Anna Talia over abusing her while in her “uncut” show on a tv were she said that Sherry Matovu for so long has been bleaching!.

“Sherry is looking good but should work on her knuckles too to become brown too’ Anna Talia said, and this left Sherry Matovu very much annoyed and hence replying her.

“Anna Talia is just feeling jealousy because am far better than her, am more beautiful than her because she is not even attractive but she has been beefing me right from our secondary school time over my boyfriend, she kept the anger on her heart up to now, but I advise her to leave me because she is much older than men and I ecpect her to respect her age” says Sherry.

Sherry said that for a long time Anna Talia Oze has been mocking her although she decided to play it cool not until she went above her nerves and decided to come out and put some sense in her.

She also added that she has more details about Anna Talia Oze and she is more ready to give out the information if Anna Talia fails to mind her own business

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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