Justine Nameere leaks dirty secrets of Isma Olaxes

Justine Nameere a television talk show host and a lawyer is yet again hit another headline after attacking the NRM motor-mouthed blogger Isma Olaxes.

This comes after the video which was published two weeks back when Isma Olaxes was seen engaging in the verbal war of Justine Nameere and Faridah Nakazibwe.

“Never attack Faridah Nakazibwe again you Na-food” those were the words which were said by the motor-mouthed blogger Isma Olaxes.

As she doesn’t keep anger, Nameere has come out and leaks the dirty secrets of the former Sweden based social media stalker.

She said ” Isma Olaxes is more like a wild pig looking for attention! He spent 30 years being homosexual prostitute because he did not want to hustle genuinely and he still came back to Uganda with nothing so he now dreams he will insult and blackmail people for a leaving”.

She also added that Isma Olaxes is too old and is a complete failure of life so she has no time for him.

“He is almost 70 years and a complete failure so if he is one of your inspirations or informers then you too have a big problem! Am sure if anyone asked all sensible young men if any would want to be like that old failure at his age, the general answer would be no! So please use your brain to differentiate between garbage and facts not every fool should pick your attention” – Nameere replied a fan.

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The verbal war between Justine Nameere and Faridah Nakazibwe sparked off two years back after The two media personalities were previously involved in a serious war of words that even went up to court, with the Mwasuze Mutya presenter even accusing the former NTV show host of sending her man Ssali love messages to snatch him away from her.

Justine Nameere
Faridah Nakazibwe and her now ex Omar Ssali

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