Kembo Mohadi Zimbabwe’s Vice president says this about the sex scandal!.

Kembo Mohadi the vice president of Zimbabwe has come out and commented on the on-going allegations of how he has been asking different ladies to sleep with him.

This came after the Women’s coalition which is a rights group in Zimbabwe, petitioning the state Zimbabwe Gender Commission to investigate possible illicit relations with subordinates and sexual harassments within the office of the vice president.

While in a press briefing, he said that he was a victim of hacking and voice cloning after an online newspaper published lurid phone call recordings with several women allegedly including a subordinate.

“I am innocent and a victim of political machinations being peddled through hacking and voice cloning” – Kembo Mohadi said.

Mohadi also added that the allegations were not only false but choreographed to soil his image as a national leader. The government spokesperson shared a video of Mohadi’s statement.

The 71-years-old Vice president said that the recordings were concocted and that he was innocent of the allegations.

In a series of phone calls which were published by a certain local media, a man was heard arranging for sex including in his government office and a hotel who is believed to be this vice president.

After the Zimbabwe Human Rights non government organization forum voiced the concern about the allegations and the culture of abuse of the office and power by a public official for sexual advantage, the main opposition in the country called for his immediate resignation from the office.

It should be noted that Mr. Kembo Mohadi was appointed one of two vice presidents in 2017 after the ousting of the former long-time ruler the Late Robert Mugabe.

Kembo Mohadi
The late Robert Mugabe former president of Zimbabwe

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