Kenya ranked 3 in Top 10 African Countries With The Best Education System

Which countries in Africa have the best education system? The world economic forum asses 140 countries including 38 African countries to rank the best education systems based on skills development.

The report looks at the general level of skills of the workforce and the quantity and quality of education in each country.

Factors considered include; developing digital literary, interpersonal skills, and the ability to think critically and creatively.

Here are top ten countries in Africa with the best education systems.

Scores are on a 0 to 100 scale. Where 100 represent the optimal situation.


10. Namibia


Namibia a population of 2. 34 million ranks 100th position in globally and 10th in Africa with a scole of 52. 7. It is 43th globally on extent of staffing and 82nd on critical thinking in teaching. In Namibia its mandatory for every citizen between the gae limit of 6 – 16 to receive education. Literary rate is at 88. 2%.

9. Egypt


Egypt ranks 99th position globally on global education system ranking and 9th in Africa with 52. 8 points slightly ahead of Namibia. It ranks 70th on global digital scale. In Egypt compulsory education last 12 years from age 6 – age 70. Literacy rate is at 71% according to UNESCO.

8. Cape Verde

Primary school education in Cape Verde is mandatory between the ages of 6 and 14 years (free for children ages 6 to 12). Portuguese is the majority language and language of instruction. However, many students and teachers speak Cape Verdean Creole at home and have a poor command of Portuguese.

7. Kenya


Kenya ranks 95th position globally, and 7th beat in Africa with a score of 55. 4. It ranks 43rd on digital skills among population globally. The country has a population of 49. 7 million. Literacy level is at 78. 7% according to UNESCO.

6. Botswana

It ranks 92th position on global education systems. It holds 6th position in Africa, with a score of 56. 7. It ranks 67th on extent of staffing and 76th on mean years of schooling. Literacy level is at 88% with a population of 2. 3 miAlgeria


5. Algeria

The second North African country on the list. It ranks 88th position on global education systems. It ranks 5th in Africa, with 57. 4 points. With a population of 41. 3 million, it has a literacy rate is at 75%.

4. South Africa

Ranks at 84th position on global education systems, South Africa offers 4th best education system in Africa with a score of 58. 4. 55th on extent of staff training globally. Its not surprising why South African universities ranks among the best in Africa and compete globally. Literacy rate is at 94%.

3. Mauritius

The education system in Mauritius is categorized into 4 main sectors – pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary. Pre-primary schools accept students as from the age of three. Children from the age of five to eleven go to primary school. They are admitted in standard I and gradually moves on to standard 6.

2. Tunisia


Tunisia has the second best education system in Africa. It ranks 71st position on global education systems, with 61. 4 points. Its ranks 49th position for school life expectancy. Education is the number one priority of the government with more than 20% of government’s budget allocated for education.

1. SeychellesSeychelles


A small country with about 95, 000 people. Seychelles holds the position for the best education system in Africa, with 69. 3 points. It is the only African country in the top 50 education system globally, at 43rd. Its 28th position on critical thinking in teaching. It is the first and only country in Africa that has fully achieve the “education for all” goal, set by UNESCO. Literacy rate is at 98. 9%.

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