Kizza Besigye Blasts Minister Jeje Odongo

Ugandans are still witnessing dark days. The country has not yet healed since the conclusion of the January elections. Today some powerful legislators in the Ugandan parliament grilled the minister for Internal Affairs after they were not pleased with the lists that contained missing persons in Uganda. Minister Jeje Odongo tabled a list of 177 people claiming that was all what he had. He claimed those were the only people were were arrested and detained by the police after the January elections.

His list contained the names of the individuals, the date of arrest, the place where they were arrested and the reasons for being arrested. However, some parliamentarians had to question the authenticity of his list and claimed that there was a mismatch between what they had and what was tabled by the minister.

There were also contradicting figures as his list showed that 43 were arrested for rioting duribgthe elections, 156 were alleged to be in possession of military weapons and 17 were put in custody for planning to chaos violence after the elections. Jeje’s list had a total of 222 people. His list was also confirmed by the deputy speaker, Jacob Oulanyah. He urged the house and the general public to check the lists with the CPC at the police headquarters, but without overcrowding there.

Mathias mpuuga

MP Mathias Mpuuga for Masaka Municipality said that the list did not match with what he had and demanded the whereabouts of more people. Ssemujju Nganda who is the Kira municipality MP said that Jeje should read the list to them and that the parliament should not be used to hide the truth, that is using it as a clearing agent.

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Hassan Fungaro requested for a commission of inquiry from the security agencies so that abducted people are known. He demanded for further details. NUP party and leaders claimed that 458 people were missing although they only managed to present a list of 243 people. Jeje became firm to say that more arrests should be expected as long as there is a reason to it.

Following this hot debate in parliament, Kizza Besigye has decided to react and send a powerful message to Museveni and his NRM supporters. In his statement he said NRM and Museveni’s Junta Minister General Jeje Odongo just like many of his colleagues, has the unenviable task of being the face of regime crimes and defending the indefensible.He has a choice- bolt or burst but let him know that time is ticking.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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