Kizza Besigye not happy with European Union meeting with Bobi Wine

The former Forum for Democratic Change FDC and the people’s president Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has on Thursday February 4th 3021 revealed the long awaited plan B.

According to Kizza Besigye, the international community has not only been silent about the situation in Uganda, but continued to provide financial support to the government.

Kizza Besigye pointed out the European Union in Uganda which he accused of engaging in PR instead of taking action.

Bobi Wine receives European Union
Bobi Wine receives European Union

“I heard this morning that a team of EU officials went to visit Bobi Wine at his home, This is not time for visiting…this not the time for PR. It is time for action ” Besigye said.

We have thousands of young people being held in dungeons in this city. Many of them have died there and their bodies dumped at mortuaries. I have spoken to many who were released from these facilities and their stories are horrifying,” Besigye told press.

“Plan B is abundantly Nonviolent. But calls for  non-cooperation with System. Citizens should not cooperate with the government at all layers, be it business and all. This will manifest the dissatisfaction of citizens to the powers that be” Besigye calls upon Ugandans to reject cooperation with the current regime at all levels.

this will show how the opressed citizens are dissatisfied with the power and the leadership of the current regime.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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