Kizza Besigye sends this warning

Opposition leader Kizza-Besigiye is the most arrested man in world guines records. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni arrested, and intimidated him for trying to fight his government. Speaking today Kifefe Kizza-Besigiye spilled beans on the troubles facing Ugandans. He warned that Ugandans celebrated when Museveni took over but today they are crying.

According to him, he said, “I wish for change; the happiness from a coup like in Guinea is short-lived. It’s the same happiness we saw here in 1986. Different from the independence struggle, the second liberation is from domination by our own people, which must be dealt with.

He also went ahead and exposed Museveni’s government where he disclosed that, “The state could be part of this (Masaka murders), but secondly, it could be aggrieved people expressing their grievances through violence. My first suspect would be the state; the second would be people with grievances caused by the state. The biggest ongoing disaster in our country is the continued closure of schools.

Mugenyi Frank
Mugenyi Frank
Uganda award winning blogger in UAE, he is passionate about journalism

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