Kyagulanyi laughs at Museveni because of this.

The National Unity Platform president and a former presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert who today went to the United Nations Human Rights offices to file a petition about the on-going abductions in Uganda.

On reaching the offices, Kyagulanyi and the team faced hard time with the army as they were trying to block them from accessing the place.

The most affected are the journalists who were doing their job by recording what was going on, they were beaten and many left with wounds.

But, Kyagulanyi continued to laugh at Museveni for helping him to expose himself to the whole world and through his Facebook post he said ”

This afternoon we went to deliver our complaint against the grave human rights violations that are on the increase in Uganda. More specifically, we are complaining against the rampant abductions of over 3000 Ugandans simply because they support me. Before heading to the Human Rights office, several mothers and relatives of the abducted comrades joined us in addressing a press conference at our office.

To expose himself as the brutal military dictator that he is, Museveni’s military waited for us at the UN Human Rights office and unleashed incredible violence on the people who went with me, especially the journalists. We were not more than 25 people, but a military police officer gave orders and they started beating up everyone without mercy. Many of the journalists sustained grave injuries. They also attacked and beat up elected leaders including Hon. Nyeko Derrick and Hon. Aloysious Mukasa. Right outside the office of UN Human Rights!!!

The dictator, like all those who came before him continues to expose himself to the world for who he is.


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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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