Latinum finally begs A pass for a collaboration

Latinum and A Pass The faded dance-hall artist Latinum Lati (Mbangira Tonny) has today swallowed his pride and requested a collaboration from fellow dance-hall artist Mr. Alex Bagonza alias A Pass.

In his Facebook post while wishing A Pass a happy birthday, the 24-year- old “Zimenya” hit maker clearly showed much interest in collaborating with his long time rival in the music genre.

“Happy +1 A Pass age like fine wine.

” LINDAKO: Naye Mzee why don’t you give me a collabo.” post reads

The birthday boy was quick to the point since it is his day, moods are high and he could feel no other wise but to respond positively although left Latinum with no clear answer.

“Blessed love my young brother.” A Pass replied in comments.

It should be remembered that the two have never worked on the same project but instead accuse themselves of stealing one’s style and media could capture them hitting at each other on many occasions.

Latinum has dissed A Pass several times and sometimes would dare him to battle lyrically to clear out the debate of “who is the best” in the dance-hall genre.

The “Babo” singer was once heard last year saying A Pass is irrelevant with no good music.

“A Pass has no music and he is now jumping on fellow artists to remain trending.” Latinum comments previous year.

After today’s post, we can surely tell how much Latinum has contrary eaten his words and seems to be on his knees now to see that the collaboration can pass.

Both artists are not doing well in the Uganda’s Music Industry and in dancehall scene particularly as they have taken a hold in releasing new music and if the collaboration was to drop, it could help both of parties to revitalize on their music scale on the country’ s charts.


Bob Lubega
Bob Lubega
I'm a Journalism Student at Makerere University, with a passion in Sports and Music commentary and Analysis. Writing is not my talent, but my admiration.

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