Lil Pazo secretly marries his longtime lover Nakanjako.

A renown Ugandan dancehall artist Yasin Mukasa commonly known as Lil Pazo Lunabe secretly marries his longtime lover Nakanjako Nusula in the so called scientific wedding.

The social media in-laws were shock after the leaking of the photos from the “Embaga’ of Lil Pazo¬† and his baby mama Nakanjako, the pair have been in a relationship for quite longtime and they even have kids together.

Lil Pazo

Although it’s not clear why Pazo who is known for being a mouth piece decided to make his wedding in a silent mode.

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In other news

Social media went crazy after the King herself parading photos showing how she swallowed a live seed.

Lil Pazo

It has been a while since Cindy Sanyu last appeared in public and through her social media handles she shocked the online in-laws after showing off her pregnant.

Cindy in the relationship with her partner Okuyo Joel Atiku and the two have been bonking each other since the eve of last year.

Another story

Social media went crazy after the leaking of some of the Ugandan celebrities’ photos while still in struggling life.

The “Nga tonafa tewevuma nsi’ saying of the Baganda is real, here are some of the photos of Ugandan celebrities during their early days.

Lil Pazo
Lydia Jazmine, Sheebah, Fille Mutoni during their early days

This is one of most shocking photo showing Lydia Jazmine on left , Fille in the middle and Sheebah on the right.

If you try to compare this photo to the current ones you will believe that things in life can change.

Lil Pazo
A photo showing the Ntv presenter Lydia Dianne

Another shocking photo is the one you see above showing the NTV – The Beat presenter Lydia Dianne while still in her early days before her life changed.

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