Lwasa leaks other shocking secrets of Diana Nabatanzi !.

City tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has yet again split other shocking secrets of his ex girlfriend Diana Nabatanzi whom he spent 5 years with in a relationship.

Following the words which were said by Diana Nabatanzi in last week as she said that The city tycoon failed to impregnate her because he was impotent.

This annoyed Lwasa and he replied to her that she had her own problems which stopped her from getting pregnant.

“How can you say that a man of 18 children can fail to produce, she is just pretending, she wants to say that all the children are not mine?” – Lwasa said as he was in an interview with Zavugiddewa Tv reporter.

‘I advised her to  that I should take her to the witch doctor to help her get ride of her problem but she refused, I saw her she was just about my money’s ‘ the city tycoon added.

He also replied to to those who have been attacking him for not respecting himself as he just speak anyhow even where it’s not necessary.

He said “Am a rich man, and I have my money no one can stop me from speaking my mind, even the mouth is mine’

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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