Mathias Mpuuga Call for Unity Among Opposition as Patrick Amuriat blames Bobi Wine

The new Leader of Opposition’s call for unity among the opposition parties in the 11th Parliament. This was after FDC party President Patrick Amuriat believing NUP lost an opportunity in the deployment of very competent people like Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju, Nandala Mafabi nevertheless the opportunity should be given to people to learn and we are ready to help them.”

Mathias Mpuuga

“The divisions within the opposition are not deeply rooted therefore we shall speak to our colleagues and the beauty is that I have walked with most of them, I know them personally and I am going to reach out to them. Some of them have anger however that should not supersede the general desire to calculate common good,” the Nyendo-Mukungwe legislator said last week.

Mpuuga added that one of the keys to start with is dialogues to ensure that the opposition is united as early as possible.

“We have just come out of highly divisive national elections, and I understand why responses for unity are bashed but we are going to warm up these relations slowly and I’m patient enough to move on it. Of course, I know there are still egos that are still flying and the only way to manage them is by talking to people to see the bigger need of working together,” he said.

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