Maulana and Reign Warn Uganda Police on acting Unprofessional

Celebrated comedy duo Madrat and Chiko have joined oppressed Ugandans to fight against impunity caused on Ugandans by Uganda Police.

Ugandan police stop acting unproffessional yo sooo brutal, why do yu beat ugandans as if yu r beating pigs, this message shud go to all security forces pliz because of the security weapons yu posses yu shudnt act inhuman, these pipo yu beat r yo brothers sisters yu have the same blood, so treat them the same way you wud wsh yo wifes children and mothers bi treated, yu not above the law nd remember we all have the same share in this country coz we r all ugandans ‘ Temututamya nsiyaffe bassajamwe’!

Uganda Police

#Lets preach peace and love.

#stop police brutality.

#One uganda one pipo

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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