Meet a Kenyan living in Uganda by cycling banana waste

Knowledge is power, as the famous proverb goes, this is very evident from a Uganda- based Kenyan who has found out a way of earning a living from using Banana stem waste and processing them into fine threads that can be used in weaving.

Meet a Kenyan living in Uganda by cycling banana waste

Kimani Muturi, a Kenyan who managed to move out of his motherland in 2002 to neighboring country Uganda has invented a new way of earning money, something that nobody could have thought about here in East Africa.

Muturi has been in the business of transforming banana waste into beneficial hand-woven textile that has since changed his life.

He founded a company named TEXFAD back in 2012 providing many job opportunities for youths and the jobless in the society. Using the fine threats obtained from the banana waste, Muturi uses the threads in weaving linen and also hair extensions.

In the extraction process, the banana stems are first cut into several chunks then dried on the sun for hours before they are passed through a machine for further extraction before they are finally dried again until the fibres become shinny enough.

Muturi who is also an alumni of Kenyatta University is now the managing director of the Afribanana company limited in Uganda and also a lecturer at the institute of Teacher Education in Kampala.

Banana textile has been available in countries like Japan, Philippines and Nepal, this great art isn’t yet in Kenya due to lack of equipments and skills.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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