Meet Ange Kagame, Simplest First Daughter of Rwanda President Paul Kagame

Sometimes we see people who are very humble, simple and natural to the core and when you get close to them, you won’t know that they are very rich. When you get to meet the set of people and know them, you won’t even believe they’re so rich and can even have a low key life, because it’s kind of hard to see rich people who doesn’t show off. This is a case of a beautiful Lady called Ange Kagame.

Ange Kagame is the daughter of president Paul Kagame. He is the president of Rwanda a well known country in Africa. Her simplicity and her modesty makes it very hard to believe that Ange Kagame is a daughter of a president. She’s 26 years old and currently married.

Ange Kagame

In our society today, it’s very difficult for the children of the rich to be calm because most of them are very arrogant and ill mannered, especially those that their parents are into politics. Some of those rich people out there always look down at others especially the poor people.

Ange Kagame

Looking at Ange, you notice she’s very humble and modest, she’s very simple, she doesn’t expose herself or try to overdress to suit some people or trying to show off. She’s a Philanthropist and has dedicated her life to the service of the people in the society. She also helps the widows through her monthly revenue and also gives to the less privileged. She’s actually known for her kind gestures, simplicity, love for her people, generosity and her simple and natural looks.

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Ange KagameAnge Kagame

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