Moses Radio’s ghost is complaining over the rosary which was put on his chest!.

The family of the fallen soldier Moses Radio is in panic as the ghost of the late Moses Radio is appearing to them over certain issues.

When they were praying for his body before being laid to rest, a powerful Rosary from Bukalango was put around Moses Sekibongo Nakintijje aka Mowzey Radio’s neck but now his Ghost is crying out to family members to remove it from him.

Having been a true Rastafari, Mowzey Radio apparently never believed in Rosaries and most of Catholic acts but when he died, this rosary was put on him.

Now it is claimed that his Ghost has appeared in close family members dreams, asking them and begging them to remove it because it is too heavy on his chest and that he is in pain.
Appearing on a TV interview, his young brother confirmed the story and claimed that the family was taking care of the matter with nothing to worry about since they are believers.
Moses Radio was laid to rest in February of 2018 after spending a week at case clinic where he breathed his last, this was after having a fight at the night club De Bar with the bouncer.


Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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