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Museveni guards security agencies on disregarding court orders

While speaking during the fifth annual Ben Kiwanuka Memorial Day at the High Court grounds in Kampala, newly elected Uganda Law Society President, Bernard Oundo blasted government agencies for failure to respect courts of law.

According to Oundo, courts in Uganda are clothed in constitutional powers to dispense justice to all persons, institutions and authorities.

Oundo further said courts are accorded no respect and in some cases no attention at all especially when security organs like police, intelligence agencies like state house anti corruption unit among others must listen to the voice of the law and respect them to the dot.

Furthermore Oundo said that there is also a perception that some judges don’t act independently and that there decisions are influenced from powers of above.

This perception is however fueled by uniformed political statements by politicians and these need to be comprehensively and properly addressed.

However Mr Museveni in response said that he represents the constituency of freedom fighters but noted some things done by the judiciary are not clear.

He further explained that there is need for everyone to understand a point of view from the side of the freedom fighters since they successfully removed killers of Ben Kiwanuka referring to Idi Amin .

In addition Mr Museveni said that these freedom fighters brought democracy and that’s why are now able to have these and discuss on how to move forward.

Museveni further emphasized that the judiciary, lawyers ought to look at issues critically and concluded that its was correct for the judicially be independent but in a convergent national system on how to handle their issues of historical distortions like for land, and murder.

Museveni however retaliated his commitment to support the judiciary so as to bring services closer to the people.

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