Museveni makes another shocking move!.

Yoweri Tibuhabura Museveni who was recently announced the winner in the recently concluded general elections has made another shocking move following the on-going abduction and incarceration of people.

Museveni has decided to fire Brigadier General Jeff Mukasa, the former Director Counter Terrorism.
Sources in the army say that Brig. Gen. Mukasa was reshuffled because of the rampant kidnaps, torture and murder of innocent Ugandans allegedly by JATT ,Museveni was briefed and confirmed that there was a lot of recklessness from security operatives under the watch of Brig Gen Mukasa who was the Director of Counter Terrorism.

Museveni wondered which suspected criminals are being arrested at night and to make matters worse, in cars without number plates and tortured asking why they don’t use recognised security Registration vehicles instead of the ill-reputed Drones which are putting his government in bad light.

Museveni squeezed Gen. Jeje Odongo, the Minister of Internal Affairs and asked him why the suspected criminals were not taken to Courts of law and charged instead of keeping them in their secret houses without even allowing their family members to access them.

The source added that from the meeting, Museveni ordered Major General Paul Lokech, the deputy Inspector General of Police to arrest all people who are moving in drones kidnapping innocent people and charge them in the military court.

He directed Gen. Odongo to account for all the people arrested by security operatives in Drones and give him all their names and other particulars.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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