Music Changed My life, Ykee benda

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Wycliffe Tugume, better known by his millions of fans across the globe as Ykee Benda

The multiple award-winning superstar has not only etched his name on the sands of time as one of the greatest music stars to come out of Uganda but it is certain that he is not far from breaking boundaries yet.

Ugandan artiste Ykee Benda says he would have ended up on the different journey if he had not taken up music as a profession.

Through his Facebook post, the Muna Kampala singer said

“While at university in Algeria 🇩🇿, I used my upkeep 💴 to record music for the very first time , I had never been to studio before, I wasn’t sure of who will buy the music since I wasn’t in my home country but I felt like I really needed to do it,stayed so broke & hungry for along time until when my album was ready, made copies of CDs and sold them to fellow students around the university , tho I didnt get any profits because only a few bought , but from those few I realized the rest of the world would like me If i pushed harder,I continued saving all the ka money that my parents sent me , After graduating I came back home with $900 & i started redoing the same songs I had on my album in Algeria becoz their production wasn’t good at all (Munakampala,kyenkyebula, budumbu, singa ,farmer & others ) I recorded them again with @nessimpanproduction at Badi & when Mr @lukyamuzibashir listened to them , he loved them , I got signed & made hit songs that changed my life.

All I have today & all I’m yet to get is because I made a decision to start with what I had.

Invest In yourself first.

Start with what you have.

Start with what is around you.”

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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