Never take God out of your equation of life, Bebe Cool to Zuena

Moses Ssali commonly known by his stage name Bebe Cool has expressed how much he appreciate zuena for not replacing him even when things went tough.

Today marks 19years as Zuena and Bebe Cool are in relationships so the Yoweri Kaguta Museveni number supporter and first muzukulu has used this opportunity to thank zuena through a Facebook post.

Bebe Cool: “Never take God out of your equation of life.

Today marks 19 years of love and caring between me and my beautiful wife Zuena.

I have nothing but full respect for you my wife because you have loved, cared and been there for me.

You have never replaced me even when the going was tough.

You understood me, been patient with me and mostly, protected me when I needed you to.

I know many have loved us as a couple, supported us, prayed for us and been there for us when we needed them to, but also many have attacked you, humiliated you, disrespected you, looked down on you though you stood strong on one thing; Loving me unconditionally.

I pray that Allah protects, guides us through our love and life dreams as a family.

Thank you for loving me, Zuena. ❤️🥰

I love you.

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