Nina Roz reveals why she separated with Sheebah.

Nina Roz a Ugandan female musician has come out and reveals the top secrets why she separated with her longtime fried Sheebah Karungi.

While in an interview with a certain media house, Nina Roz said that they had a strong relationship with Sheebah before she joined singing.

“I used to be Sheebah’s promoter in Uganda because i believed in her and i used to love her music, whenever she releases a song I asked for it and I took her music to the DJs in different clubs where they were played for free” – Nina Roz said.

Nina Roz

she also said that at first she wasn’t interested in music even though her friends used to tell her to start music not until one day she developed the desire to do music.

“When the desire for music came into my minds, the first person I informed to was Sheebah and she replied that I should come back and we uplift the industry because by then I was still in South Africa” – Nina Roz said.

Nina said that when she released her first song, Sheebah started ignoring her and she no longer wants to talk to her.

“I tried and met her in person to ask for a forgiveness if in anyway I wronged her, and she was like everything is fine and I thought that we had reconciled but all in vain”

She was later helped by Jeff Kiwa not until he also told her to get a manager. and this was when she made friendship with different media personalities who helped her in playing her music for free.

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“Sheebah Must Kneel And Apologize To Me….” Nina Roz Roars.

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