NUP’s Rubongoya sends strong message to Museveni

The National Unity Platform general secretary David Lewis Rubongoya has sent a strong message to the fountain of Honor Yoweri Kaguta Museveni about the on-going abductions on the Ugandan citizens by the men in uniform.

While on a certain media company, Rubongoya expressed his feelings towards the thousands of Ugandans who are under detention over their political affiliations of supporting the National Unity Platform.

“What is happening now is that if you are a NUP member or supporter, you will be arrested, held in a place that no one knows and if you are lucky, you will be produced in a military court and charged with funny offenses” – David Lewis Rubongoya, NUP secretary general said.

“Kyagulanyi’ s entire campaign team was arrested in December and charged for an offense they are said to have committed in January the next year, the most important thing is, we have laws that govern this country. If you arrest someone for whatever case, you must produce them before court, there is no two ways about a law” – He continued

Rubongoya and Museveni way back before he Joined Bobi Wine

He later added that its very ok for the families which have taken long without hearing about their missing family members to think that they are dead, “We have a person like John Bosco Kibalama who was arrested two years¬† ago and no one has heard about him till today. So if the family thinks he is dead do you blame them” He asked.

Rubongoya responded to Museveni who wants Ugandans to think that its all done and the country should just forget about the politics and move one, he said “When you say politics is over and we should move on then you are undermining the role of politics in our country but we know everything rotates around politics”.

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