Opeto quits Radio Simba after 18 years.

The long-time radio presenter at radio Simba Opeto Gold Ki Matono commonly known as Jjaaja Zonto has quitted from Radio Simba after serving it for over 18 years.

While talking with our reporter at Fremer Media, Opeto said that at least he has done it all and he is now looking at concentrating on how he is to prepare for his old time.

The 50 years old narrated some of the problems he faced while at his job at Radio Simba and as well as the good things which he has reached.

“The problem with radio is that you have to be there at that fixed time every day, you have no way to do other businesses at the same time when you’re at the station, so it blocks some chances and other opportunity” Opeto Said.

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He also added that since he joined radio he has got so many opportunities and he has been able to connect with rich people.

“Am so happy that I have got so many opportunities including being known in Uganda, being one of the Bizonto team has also helped me to get money” – Opeto said.

He became very popular because of his voice which he used to mimic the former president of Uganda DR. Apollo Milton Obote and as well as his funny promos which are ran on radio simba every after news where he asts as an interviewer.

He has been presenting in Radi Simba’s morning show, Binsagawano where he works with Ndawula peter commonly known as Omullangira Ndawusi, Serwanja Julius alias Kidomole and Mbabari Malisere.

He said that in his retirement, he is going to concentrate mainly on his farm and as well as continue doing his music as he plans to build a talent school.

Watch More Bizonto in this video : https://youtu.be/LjqYjk6Mfbo

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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