Painful situation Turkish Ambassador to Uganda is going through

Coming from Uganda today, the Turkish national who was recently linked to the deputy president of Kenya and was supposed to travel with him on Monday from Uganda was arrested at Wilson Airport by detectives from DCI.


According to Kenyan authorities who spoke in the past few days, the Turkish national is being sought so that he can shed more light on the type of business he is engaged in within the country.

City lawyer— AhmedNassir Abdullahi sought to represent Harun Ayden as a counsel after he was arrested at the airport. This time around, the lawyer has revealed painful experiences the Turkish national is passing through.

Revealing in form of a tweet, AhmedNassir has said that despite being a senior counsel, he has been denied access to the Turkish National—Ayden Harun. He informed that the denial by the detectives is a result of the orders from ‘above’.

“Apparently the right to Counsel of one’s choice doesn’t apply to Turkish national Mr. Harun Aydin arrested by the Kenyan police. I have been denied access to see him allegedly “on orders from above,” wrote AhmedNassir on his Twitter handle.

According to the allies of William Ruto, Harun Ayden is an investor in fruit farming and has not committed any crime in Kenya or any other country. According to them, a Turkish national is being arrested for only linking himself with the second in command.

Murkomen wrote, “Ayden Harun is an investor recognized by Govt of Kenya&issued with a valid class G permit.The only reason why he has been arrested is because the authorities are embarrassed after blocking DP from going to Uganda&they want to continue the pettiness they have displayed for 4 yrs.”

Kimani Ichungwa on his part said, “In your desperation,@Karanjakibicho@FredMatiangi why fight and scare investors away from Kenya in your political fights. Why don’t you keep your political fight with us in the Hustler Nation and it’s leader @WilliamsRuto? @ahmednasirlaw.”

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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