Pastor Sempa attacks Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Sempa Martin has come out and publicly attacks Pastor Bugingo over the recent statements which he made while preaching at his Canaan Land church.

As he was preaching, Pastor Bugingo attacked Bobi Wine over his newly bulletproofed car which Bobi Wine said that it was given to him as a birthday gift by the Ugandans who are abroad.

While preaching, Bugingo said that Ugandans should stop taking politicians who only cares about themselves but not them, and he added that Bobi Wine’s car was given to him by the state as he claims that how can he own that expensive ride and how did he shipped it into the country without the government notice.

Pastor Sempa
Bobi Wine pausing on his bullet proofed car at his home

Now, the founder of Makerere Community Church has come out and attack Bugingo over the above statements which he made on Bobi Wine.

“The problem with Bugingo is he just talks anyhow without first doing research, he has become like these boda guys who have been talking about the America’s ship, anyway I pity his followers and those who have time for him he is just misleading them” – Pastor Sempa said.

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