Peace talks delegates kicked out of hotel over unpaid Bills in Juba South Sudan

According to, Some hotels in Juba say they have kicked out over 300 peace delegates from their property over unpaid bills.

The General Manager of South Sudan Hotel, Mel Garang Yuot, said at a joint press conference held Thursday that the affected hotels have run out of patience.

“So we decided to come with the final conclusion to chase away all customers from NTC, including politicians, generals who came for the implementation of the peace deal,” Garang told the media.

This comes after the National Transitional Committee, chaired by presidential advisor on security failed to pay their accumulated bills.

In January, the hotels had threatened to evict the delegates in five days if the NTC failed to pay over $10 million.

According to the hotel managers, they have been accommodating the officials comprising of ministers, members of parliaments, and military generals of various peace parties since 2019.

The delegates are partners to the revitalized peace agreement, which comprises officials from SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SSOA, some from OPP and others from SPLM former detainees.

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The hotel managers say they have been accommodating those officials for more than 3 years.

“We have been promised empty promises. So, we evicted them. Later on, will demand the payments, whether it would mean going to court to resolve the dispute,” added Kot Maker, manager at Royal Palace Hotel according to eye

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